About Our Anaplasmosis Vaccine
This is to inform you of the Experimental Anaplasmosis Vaccine that is available to veterinarians in several states that have been experimentally approved by the USDA. The vaccine is currently produced in the Louisiana State University Department of Veterinary Science at Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

Our Vaccine is produced in the same way Mallinckrodt's Plazvax was made. Our team of scientists developed and helped Mallinckrodt obtain USDA license for Plazvax. We utilize the same strain of Anaplasmosis marginale that was used in Plazvax and the vaccine is made using the same procedure. Plazvax was successfully marketed for three years in the USA before Mallinckrodt was bought by Schering Plough. Schering Plough elected not to produce the vaccine which resulted in no commercially available vaccine for Anaplasmosis. Producers in Florida petitioned the USDA to allow University Products to produce and market our vaccine as an experimental vaccine. Since that time, several states have gained USDA approval for use of the vaccine.

We have sold our vaccine since May of 2000 in several states and Puerto Rico and have to this point had no complaints regarding the vaccine other than the first vaccine we made was very thick. We have since homogenized it as did Mallinckrodt and it is now about as thick as milk.

If you would be interested in obtaining this vaccine, we would be happy to discuss it with you and answer any questions that you might have.